ANG Infotech Solutions has highly specialized and proven skill sets in deploying end to end SAP Warranty management and claim processing. Whether you are looking for reducing claim processing cost, automate claim management, improve customer service or looking for opportunities to improve operational efficiency and profitability, we know how to leverage and customize integrated SAP Warranty claim and customer service modules to your need.

SAP warranty management and claims processing is the central part of SAP customer service functions. This function well integrated with sales, reverse logistics, quality management, field service, finance and controlling modules. Standard vanilla claim web interface, out of the box XML, EDI, BAPI interfaces to business partners system automates the claim process and eliminates manual errors. Policy driven, rule based VSR (Validation / Substitution Rules) checks makes the entitlement easy and effortless. Real time visibility of claim status, Warranty cost, accruals and integrated financial posting will boost the confidence of global financial reporting to new level. Inbuilt reporting and analytics capability helps the business for trend analysis projection, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) supporting short term and long term decision making and strategic direction.

End to End SAP warranty management Includes

Key Business Processes

»   Warranty Management process

»   Warranty Claim Processing

»   Recall Campaign

»   Warranty reports and analytics

Key SAP Warranty functionalities

»   Claim validation, Pricing calculation and adjustment

»   Automatic or manual claim approval process

»   Claim split function Reclaim warranty expenses from vendors or other business partners.

Seamless integration to SAP modules

»   Seamless out of the box claims Web interface

»   Standard XML, EDI , IDOCs interface to partners systems possible

»   Tightly Integrated to SAP Sales, service, Finance functions

»   Integrated with role based SAP user access & security for claims processing

Business Benefits

»   Warranty Claim processing cost reduction

»   Improved customer service

»   Warranty processes integrated with Finance, CS, mfg. & QA functions

»   Claim recovery from internal as well vendor & business partners

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SAP customer service & warranty management