Analytics, business intelligence and leveraging information strategically remain the highest priorities for most CIO’s, and SAP HANA’s in memory approach is the biggest, game-changing technology to impact these initiatives in recent memory. SAP HANA simplifies complex data warehouses by eliminating redundant and expensive data storage, improving query performance, enabling real-time data analysis and supporting and promoting end user adoption. Not only does HANA’s modern foundation for analytics meet the growing demand for diverse data, but it also provides real-time, self-service access to that information.

Why ANG Infotech

ANG Infotech is a premiere SAP HANA expert. We help you assess, implement and deploy the best HANA solution to meet the specific needs of your company. We ensure you maximize your BI investment to get the most value from your data dollar. In addition, we help you navigate the numerous SAP HANA hardware and configuration options, understanding the critical role accurate sizing and scope play in your future data plans. Also, companies looking to implement HANA on a smaller scale now have access to new sizing options making HANA affordable and manageable for small to medium size businesses. SAP’s HANA Cloud options are also available for companies of all sizes. DFT can help you navigate the numerous Cloud solutions to find the best one for your company. We help you determine your next best course of action for implementing your SAP HANA solution.

Our SAP HANA Methodology

ANG offers the two approaches based on the on budget and resource availability.

1, Our Superfast HANA Methodology helps you to readymade content in 4 weeks. After started using SAP HANA, plan for continues improvement. Using this methodology, you can start using SAP HANA with very low budget and less number of resources.

2. Our Detailed SAP HANA implementation methodology, delivers Complete HANA solution that caters to your need. Using this methodology, you can implement complete SAP HANA with moderate budget and resources.

To learn more about our SAP HANA solution and services, contact our solutions team at SALES@anginfotech.com

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