We place great value on you as a person and respect the years of work that you have put into perfecting your skills. At The ANG Infotech you can expect to be treated with the respect you deserve by our recruiting professionals, subject matter experts, client partners and executive leadership team. We offer…

Client satisfaction: Knowing that ANG’s client ratings are consistently high, you can count on a positive client experience. Reputation: You can be sure that delivery and integrity are ANG’s highest core values, and your “good name” will be enhanced by this association.

ERP depth: ANG has leading Platinum-Level SAP and ERP subject matter experts on staff available to assist you with any questions that may arise on your assignment.

Competency: ANG has the proficiency to accept challenging projects – projects that will enhance your skills and improve your marketability for future assignments.

Quick placement: Our proven process for placing you on projects dramatically reduces the cycle time required for selection. We strive for a perfect match on the first pass.

ERP network: ANG’s team of deeply experienced ERP professionals and our relationships with leading global system integrators give us access to an extensive network of potential clients and projects not available to our competitors.

Medical & Retirement Benefits: ANG offers best medical plans and 401K plans for our full time employees and their families