Delivering business critical applications and ensuring those applications perform at their peak, throughout their lifecycle, is becoming increasingly difficult. The number of endpoints used to access applications is growing. Applications are being accessed through mobile devices, social platforms and cloud services, making application performance levels more difficult to evaluate.

Poor application performance has direct effects on your business. It can adversely impact the company’s brand, or often result in loss in revenue. Internal IT departments are usually given the onus for application performance and determining the root cause of performance degradations. However, as IT environments become more complex and dynamic, gaining visibility has became increasingly difficult.

Manage, Extend and Optimize Your IT Investments

Our team of dedicated professionals has successfully helped our clients manage their business critical applications. We have helped improve system response times, transaction capacity and end-user satisfaction. Using Design Thinking principals, we help your company prioritize business goals and establish the right course of action to optimize your current IT investments to deliver quantifiable outcomes. Whether we deliver your business outcomes through system upgrades, solution manager, integration or developing additional functionality, we will ensure your investment passes the desired returns to your business.

As a global company, with locations in the US, India, we are always available on demand, providing world class support 24/7.

Throughout the life cycle of the application management services, to manage, extend and optimize your business process, we offer a complete portfolio of services.

     • Application Deployment

     • LifeCycle Management

     • Application Support

Why ANG Infotech

To optimize infrastructure and technology investments, companies must proactively evaluate their business needs and how those needs correlate with their current technology capabilities. Whether your technology requirements involve performance improvement, application patches, installation of solution manager, or any other project objective, ANG Infotech is here to help you to,

      • Reduce or eliminate costly extended maintenance fees

      • Increase process efficiency by being on the latest versions

      • Reduce reliability on older code by improving business processes

      • Achieve more flexibility by moving to enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture

      • Meet legal and compliance requirements not supported in older release

      • Avoid technological obsolescence or incompatibility with DB and OS upgrades

      • Provide new industry-specific functions and processes

      • Provide necessary interfaces to new products

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Application Management Services